RSL Sub-Branch Membership

Join your Sub

Branch to access Member services, equipment hire and vote on Sub-Branch matters.

Service Member

Any person who has served in the Australian Defence Force, or served with or supported or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force or the Armed Forces of its Allies, for at least 6 months, or any other person provided for in the Constitution, may be admitted to Service Membership.

Associate Member

When members move, some wish to become involved in the nearest Sub-Branch, but are loathed to break ties with the “old” Sub Branch.

A member who becomes an Associate of another Sub Branch, is only permitted to vote, speak and hold office at one Sub Branch and must choose which that sub-branch will be for the duration of one year.

Affiliate Member

Affiliate Membership is available to spouses and partners of a Service Member of the Sub-Branch and Sub-Branch employees only. Persons who are eligible must be eighteen years or older.